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149 00 Praha 4
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Bc. Aileen Vejmolová – teacher, owner

( certificates achieved )

Aileen sucessfully completed the study of Bachelor of Science in Psychology in the year 2000 at Southwestern University,Philippines. Because she chose to follow her destiny, she then moved to Prague,Czech Republic and joined her husband Martin in the year 2001.In the same year, she started teaching at secondary school for almost 3years. After her maternity leave,she started to work at the preschool and since then,she found out that her mission is to be with the children.Her love and passion with kids finally realized and therefore she opened her own preschool.

Mgr. Josephine B. Sedláčková – vychovaltelka

Josephine has graduated her Masteral degree in Agriculture majored in Animal Science in Central Luzon State University. Philippines. Upon relocation to the Czech Republic in 1993 she has been an English teacher in different schools like Gymnasium and Primary Schools for several years. And in 1997 she moved with her husband to California and lived there for several years and after her second daughter was born she decided to come back here teaching English at the Private Secondary School for 5 years and had taken the course TEFL and been able to teach at the Private Bilingual Kindergarten in Trutnov for more than 3 years where she had the passion,Iove and dedication for educating small children.

Martina Mirvaldová – educator

Je maminka ročního chlapečka Daniela :) Vystudovala oděvní školu a studovala pedagogickou školu se zaměřením na předškolní pedagogiku. Ráda se věnuje dětem a příležitostně jezdí po republice s dětským koutkem. Je kreativní a nápaditá. Jejím mottem je vytvořit dětem prostředí, ve kterém mohou být sami sebou a podporovat jejich přirozenost. Každý z nás byl jednou dítětem :)

Dr. Martin Vejmola – manager

Martin successfully completed studies at Swiss university 'Universitat Teufen Schweiz "with the title" Doctor of Economy (Dr.rer.oec.) Most of his career, he had worked in tourism and vested his life in managerial position. In the recent years,he was sent to Britain and assigned as a manager of an employment agency. Upon returning back to Prague,he again focused in travel and tourism which deals inbound trips and at the same time,organizing conferences, seminars, incentive tourism, trips and other events tailored. He grew up in an international environment.


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